The Prism Effect lampworking tutorial (PDF file)

The Prism Effect lampworking tutorial (PDF file)

I have been creating beads using this effect for a few years now and after many requests for a tutorial, I am pleased to offer my Prism Effect tutorial for sale.

This tutorial is more than step-by-step instructions. Included in this tutorial you will get step-by-step instructions to make two beads. The first bead is really a pilot to help you learn the technique, while the second bead is one of my favourites for you to make and enjoy (pictured in the first image).  Following the step-by-step instuctions, I have included a section with technical information, variations, a gallery of beads made using this effect and take-to-the-torch summary sheets for both beads. With the information provided, I expect many of you will be able to build on what I have written to develop your own, unique beads.

This tutorial is for use with 104coe glass. The glass needed is readily available. No special tools are required.

This tutorial is aimed at the intermediate to expert lampworker who has experience in advanced heat control and a good understanding of how glass reacts, both with each other and under heat. I have not tried this technique on a hothead, so cannot vouch for whether it will give the same results.  It does require heat control so I am not recommending this technique for hotheads.

The size of the file is 2.05 MB, it is 26 pages and contains more than 60 colour images.

If you decide to purchase this tutorial, I have no problems with you making beads to sell, but do ask that you don’t distribute the tutorial. Due to the nature of an E-book, I do not offer a refund.